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    This is Jim Chapman, he is a Co-Founder along with his mates Nathaniel Poynting and Sandy Hickson of Nice Coffee Co; a social enterprise that is dedicated to tackling poverty.

    We met Jim Chapman in July 2019 at an entrepreneurial pitch event at Bond University on the Gold Coast, Australia.  His authenticity and his “why” grabbed our interest straight away.  After one coffee and chat with Jim we made plans to meet again in Kenya. The timing was perfect. His business partners, Nathaniel Poynting and Sandy Hickson were already set for a trip to visit the school in Kibera and FishFilms was on their way to begin research on another documentary in South Sudan. The stars seemed to align and in October we spent two weeks filming Nice Coffee Co and the kids at St Johns School.

    When you first met Jim it’s not long till you hear about his passion for the poor. As he says “poverty is not a lack of character, it is a lack of cash.” Jim has spent the last 10 years travelling back and forth from Kenya to Australia and wrestled with what he could do to help out.

    His answer, coffee.

    Statistics say that 75% of Australians drink more than one cup a day. So Jim and his partners decided to source and sell it.

    Their main target are corporate and large companies; supplying staff rooms with great coffee.

    But this coffee doesn’t just smell and taste AMAZING! When you purchase this product, it’s giving back.

    Nice Coffee Co.’s profits are going back to projects. Their first project; St Johns School.

    St Johns School is based on the edge of Kibera which is the largest urban slum in Africa. With almost 1 million people living in Kibera. The school currently has 400 students. These students come from the poorest of the poor, according to Josiah the principal and founder of the school. The classrooms are packed with students and have poor to no lighting. Their school lunch could be the only meal they eat in a day.

    FishFilms loves people like Jim at Nice Coffee Co. they are partnering with locals to make a real impact.

    That’s why we wanted to tell their story. These guys are only new on the scene so we wanted their story to get out!

    What we ended up producing for them was a 5 minute story, along with cut-downs for social media. We also had the talented Whitney Palmer doing photography so we created a coffee table book to go with their yummy coffee.

    FishFilms aims to share, inspire and connect.  Share people stories like Jim’s; to inspire audiences with our craft; and connect them to a cause. When we talk about connection we don’t want to just share their story we want our audience to be involved too. So our book and their coffee is the perfect combo!

    Our story was picked up by Channel 9 and broadcast nationally on the news and the morning show called “The Today Show”. A feature article was written in a major news print “The Age”.

    Since the release of their story Nice Coffee Co has gained national exposure, clients and most importantly classrooms have been upgraded and kids are continuing their education.

    Jim writes “The film has allowed people to get in the shoes of those living in Kibera, and fully understand why we do – what we do.”

    Kibera. A Maze of Life. It is only $75 and all profits go back to St Johns School, they are featured in the book.

    Go to to order.

    Photography: Whitney Palmer
    Stories: Carrie Anne Greenbank
    Poem: Jude Kalman
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